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Monterey County Regional Fire District - "Internal boundary map cleanup" annexations and detachments

UPDATE: LAFCO approved this proposed action at the Commission's regular meeting on Monday, June 26.

This project involves several minor annexations and detachments to correct minor mapping inconsistencies within the fire district's existing boundaries.  The project includes annexation of three full parcels in the Carmel Valley area, and annexation of portions of 12 parcels in areas near Salinas, Marina, Chualar, and Spreckels. The project will also formally detach from the fire district "remnant" portions of 14 parcels that have previoulsy been annexed into the Cities of Marina and Salinas; these areas now receive City fire services and are no longer served by the fire district.
    Areas shown in dark green in these maps are the parcels, and partial parcels, involved in this boundary cleanup action.
    This project will result in no changes to the current delivery of fire or emergency medical services. 
    The three parcels in the Carmel Valley area will, upon annexation, be subject to the fire district's annual benefit assessment fee. No fees or costs are associated with the other properties involved in this boundary cleanup action.
    If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact LAFCO Senior Analyst Darren McBain at mcbaind@monterey.lafco.ca.gov or (831) 754-5838.