A State-Mandated Public Agency Established to Regulate the Boundaries of Cities & Special Districts

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Current Meeting Agenda Packet

The agenda packet for the Mon., Oct. 23 LAFCO meeting will be posted here by 4:00 PM on Thurs., Oct. 19.

Environmental documents related to the Oct. 23 LAFCO meeting:
5. City of Greenfield - South End annexation
   Draft Supplemental EIR
   Final Supplemental EIR
   Appendices A - E
   Appendix F (2006 Draft and Final EIR)
   Appendix G (Notice of Preparation)
6. City of Soledad - Summerfield Phase 3 sphere and annexation proposal
   EIR Addendum (2017)
   Draft EIR
   Final EIR 
7. City of Salinas - Economic Development Element
   Draft EIR
8. City of Salinas - Central Area Specific Plan
   Notice of Preparation